The Modern Age: It’s current year and my focus has drifted from animation. But occasionally I’ll make these unfinished shows and shorts. Although they’re “unfinished” I think they’re pretty and a better representation of my work than 10 year old MS paint cartoons.

Edgey Teen Years: Once upon a time I was a 13-15 year old kid with MS paint and movie maker that loved cartoons. Here is some of what survived over the decade. It’s all very cringey and I’m sure there’s inappropriate themes and/or vocabulary. But for archival purposes I like it, so here they are.

UNWATCHABLE GARBAGE LOL: Whereas the previous videos are cringey and atrocious, they’re at least semi-watchable. These next ones just…aren’t. There’s no good reason for anyone to watch them. But they exist and they’re my ugly babies and I have to love them so here they are. I was like 11 – 12 when I made these.